In Between ring

Beauty and Wonder | Saadah Bin Shehab

In Between ring

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Saadah Bin Shehab Saudi Arabia

In Between ring

Piece included in Beauty and Wonder exhibition (curator Luis Acosta)

Materials vinyl, gemstone, gold leaf, acrylic paint, brass


From far away these pieces look like a big piece of gemstone but it is not! At the first look, you can not spot the vinyl from the gemstone but when you take a look closer it gets more interesting.

This work is a question about the true value of  things.

Something as cheap as vinyl can look like something expensive as gemstone, if we want to see the world as it is, we can’t rely on our physical senses. They are much too distorted by our conditioned beliefs. Instead, we can learn to see through our hearts. We can learn to see the world through feeling. Sometimes you may need to close your eyes and feel because the most beautiful things in our life we see it with our heart.