Please Do Not Disturb necklace

Challenge 2021 | Cristina R Nuño

Please Do Not Disturb necklace

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Cristina R Nuño Spain / Portugal

Please Do Not Disturb necklace

Piece created for Challenge 2021 Jewelry and Nature

Materials gold plated brass, sterling silver, gold plated silver, varnish, cork, biomaterial (gelatine, glycerin and water)

Size 260x160x20mm


Bees have been featured in myth and folklore around the world since antiquity, often characterized as magical or divine creatures. Some of the oldest examples of bees in art have been dated to 15,000 BC.

Bees are one of the most relevant pollinators in nature and are indispensable for plants procreation and thus for crops.

In our times, nevertheless, we are living a great bee population decline. If pollination fails, ecosystems are eroded and we will lose reliable sources of many critical foodstuffs.

This jewel collection intends to raise awareness of how we need Bees.