Polvere handpiece

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Polvere handpiece

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Giorgia Tasca | Amàlgama Jewels Italy

Polvere handpiece

ANTIVIRUS, Tincal lab Quarantine Challenge

Materials gold plated bronze

Dimensions 70x45x10mm | size US7.5 | PT16 | Ø177,5mm


Polvere is a collection based on memories. Memory N.6 is a deep analisys on connections which gives it this synapses-like form. No time more than now has been more perfect to evaluate our relations and our forced isolation, in the hope to reconnect as our better selves in the future.


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This piece is part of the special virtual event ANTIVIRUS, a Tincal lab Quarantine Challenge. 20% of sales until June 30 will be donated to the initiative #euajudoquemajuda by Portuguese Red Cross.

Exceptionally, these pieces are not available in our gallery and will be sent to you directly by the artist - all information about the piece is provided by the artist as well.

Keep in mind that considering worldwide restrictions caused by COVID-19 there may be some delays on shipping, depending on the country of origin and destination. We’ll contact you after your purchase to give you more accurate information about this. If you have questions feel free to contact us at any time.

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