Queuña rings

Challenge 2021 | Andrea Alonso Studio

Queuña rings

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Andrea Alonso Studio | Andrea Concepcion + Diego Alonso Peru

Queuña pair of rings

Piece created for Challenge 2021 Jewelry and Nature

Materials silver

Size 20x20x5mm | around US3 and US6 / both adjustable


Walking between the trees in the highlands of the amazon jungle, the ferns, orchids and all kind of organisms that abound in every size and shape makes you wonder how amazing nature is. Every element of the forest, from the microcosmos to the eldest trees with hundreds of years alive, has a function and is fundamental for the cycle of water that keeps alive the ecosystems of South America and perhaps the world. Andrea Alonso Studio got inspired by two endemic species from Peru, the queuñas in the Andes and the arborean ferns from the Amazon, both indispensables and endangered of disappearing.