Sambucus Nigra ring + cyanotype

Challenge 2021 | Kendall Reiss

Sambucus Nigra ring + cyanotype

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Kendall Reiss USA

Sambucus Nigra ring + cyanotype

Piece created for Challenge 2021 Jewelry and Nature

Materials fine silver, rock crystal, cyanotype on Stonehenge paper

Size 25x25x18mm | US7.5


Inspired by research on Porto’s natural landscape and FUTURO - 100,000 Trees Project goal of reforesting the city, Kendall Reiss created three rings to highlight indigenous tree species.

Located near Tincal lab, cultivation sites Campanhã Azevedo 1, Campanhã Azevedo 2 and Vivieiro do FUTURO include native trees: Celtis australis, Cratageus monogyna and Sambucus nigra; each have been used as herbal remedies.

Rewilding the urban landscape and the human body demonstrates the benefits of indigenous species to climate and personal health; while focusing on practices of deep ecology through wearable plant medicine harken to traditional jewelry objects, amulets, and personal adornment.