To The Heart And Back necklace
To The Heart And Back necklace
To The Heart And Back necklace

Challenge 2019 | Cristina Celis

To The Heart And Back necklace

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Cristina Celis Mexico

To The Heart And Back necklace 

Piece created for Challenge 2019 Jewelry and Anatomy

Materials pigmented stoneware, glaze, neoprene, brass, magnets (closing system)

Size 30x75x360mm


Dissection of an Artery

Arteries are part of a vast network vessels that channel and distribute blood throughout the body. A closed system of tubes that begin and end at the heart and sustain life.

These simple pieces made from black clay speak about the beauty and frailty within the magnificence of the circulatory system. They invite us to question the complexity of our anatomy, a narrative, a story of introspection and admiration for the perfection of the interior human body.


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