Untitled brooch

Beauty and Wonder | Barbara Laso

Untitled brooch

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Barbara Laso Spain

Untitled brooch

Piece included in Beauty and Wonder exhibition (curator Luis Acosta)

Materials board, brass, brick


My personal search to show that the opposite materials as much as people can come to form a perfect symbiosis or the perfect link. The spirit of primitive being and nature guides my work. Using organic materials, shapes and colors through a feminine and strong vision. I gather what nature gives us to live in consonance with it. I believe in an alternative jewelry to luxurious materials, it can be shown that the splendor does not reside in the opulence of precious stones.

the sea, the rivers pamper my stones, the slate and the brick, I conform the pieces, the words and the spirituality of nature guides me. Feeling that nature is alive without pretensions or luxuries leaving the existing as it is.