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Untitled ring
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Challenge 2021 | Gabriela Marcos

Untitled ring

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Gabriela Marcos Argentina

Untitled ring

Piece created for Challenge 2021 Jewelry and Nature

Materials enameled porcelain, oxidized silver

Size 28x22x30mm | US7.5


Gabriela tries to highlight the beauty of the marks from which our daily life is nourished, by working she tries to figure out which is the story behind those traces.

Valuing its complexity allows you to reflect on new ways of thinking, new ways of opening up.

She focuses on the marks that time left on objects, in the changes that happens over time. Gabriela emphasizes that concept taking the time to read the signals object gives us, stopping at small details, analyzing a certain situation differently, looking from a new angle.

A new value to the marks is given.