Vaccine * Immunity brooch/pendant
Vaccine * Immunity brooch/pendant
Vaccine * Immunity brooch/pendant
Vaccine * Immunity brooch/pendant


Vaccine * Immunity brooch/pendant

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Ni Daodao China/Switzerland

Vaccine * Immunity brooch/pendant

ANTIVIRUS, Tincal lab Quarantine Challenge

Materials old object slide, old colored glaze, moonstone, paper, red cotton thread, ivory white cotton thread, embroidery needle, sterling silver (plated platinum), safety needle

Dimensions 110x110x15mm

In the process of artwork-crafting, art combines visual conceptions and essential culture, also the history embedded in the material and option of crafting method are of significant importance to the content.

BACKGROUND: I hold the custom of collecting stuffs and recycling daily minors, thus PPT of the artwork was made out of them. I bought this aged element in a Beijing fair hold in 2016, which reminded me of my childhood. Back then, there was annual vaccination that kids queued up for, and after the injection, a heartwarming scene - the medical worker would pick up a candy from a glass container and send it straight into the kids’ mouth, then blossom of smile happens upon those little faces.

Confronted with the state of pandemic and lockdown, I found this element while I was settling my studio. Mankind encaged animals, now mankind is the one to be caged, and the way of re-grasping our old daily routines at present has all counted on the development and application of vaccine. Recently the situation in Europe has been slightly improved, reopening of University has also been discussed, and some fellows sticked to the idea that they will never return to classroom before an effective vaccine be made.

My current artistical mood could simply be, hopefully waiting for the dawn.

Maybe we could do some reflections and reviews to ourselves and our surrounding after this disaster, and make a genuine change this time.


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This piece is part of the special virtual event ANTIVIRUS, a Tincal lab Quarantine Challenge. 20% of sales until June 30 will be donated to the initiative #euajudoquemajuda by Portuguese Red Cross.

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