White Bacteria brooch
White Bacteria brooch

Challenge 2021 | OK enamel

White Bacteria brooch

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OK enamel | Olga Komisarova Ukraine

White Bacteria brooch

Piece created for Challenge 2021 Jewelry and Nature 

Materials copper, hot enamel, silver

Size 90x30x10mm


The texture of a stone is the best way to open one's mind to seeing the beauty of the mundane and the grace of simplicity. Stone brooches - are the attempt of the artist to express the beauty of natural textures through contemplation.

The diverse color combinations and reliefs captivate, due to their uniqueness, while our imagination continues to paint other worlds using them. But if we look closer, we truly can find an enormous world of invisible things. We are always attracted to the unknown, and the bacteria, created by the artist, is a way of imagining this existence.