Hymnal no. 4
Hymnal no. 4

Challenge 2022 | Taavi Teevet

Hymnal no. 4

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Taavi Teevet Estonia

Hymnal no. 4 brooch

Piece created for Challenge 2022 Jewelry and Literature

Materials old lutheran hymnal, gold-plated Melchior

Size 62x45x10mm


It is a matter of commitment.

In front of the main gate of the monastery of Petseri, is an old wooden church dedicated to St. Barbara. From 1991 onwards, Gennady, a man born in Odessa, has stood there every day from dawn till dusk, praying incessantly. “The world persists thanks to prayers,” he says. 

In the series “Commitment(s)”, Taavi is directing his focus to the process / phenomenon of commitment, becoming someone / something through dedication and devotion. 

What unites a man who stands at the gates of an old church and prays, a baker who wakes up every morning at 4am to bake bread, and he, a young artist, who wakes up every morning to go to the studio?

“Commitment(s)” is a symbol of endless experimentation and the process of trying to fill a divine vacuum in the human heart by devoting oneself to creation.