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No Name

Challenge 2022 | Mia Kwon

No Name

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Mia Kwon South-Korea / Germany

No Name brooch

Piece created for Challenge 2022 Jewelry and Literature

Materials Mont-Blanc porcelain, pigment, silver, steel

Size 40x46x15mm 


As inspiration for her application to Tincal lab Challenge Mia used one of her favorite books, by the Buddhist Monk Beopjeong, called “Musoyu” (Non-Possession).

Beopjeong describes how possession doesn’t know any rest. Possession creates a constant need to possess more and a constant fear of disappearance, that cannot be satisfied by any possession. Mia says giving up her desire to possess is the only way to make something truly hers, even her own work. Inspired by Beopjeongs quote "To have the whole world only when you have nothing is another meaning of non-possession”, she created the pieces for the challenge.