Paper Jewelry necklace
Paper Jewelry necklace

Karen Gillis

Paper Jewelry necklace

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Karen Gillis The Netherlands

22C08 necklace 

Collection Paper Jewelry

Materials paper edited with bookbinder's glue, acrylic paint, wax cord, felt balls, embroidery beads, wooden beads

Size pendant: 50x90x25mm | cord: up to 50cm


Showing vulnerability makes one stronger, resilient, lighter. That's the motto of this new Paper Jewelry edition by Karen Gillis.

Necklace featuring paper - an apparently delicate material that becomes stronger than it seems through folding and wrinkling. 

It has a drawstring closure, so you can adjust the length. The felt balls move, so you can play with them.

Statement necklace, pendant style, medium to long length. 

Limited edition.