A Story Without End
A Story Without End

Challenge 2022 | Elsa Bénott

A Story Without End

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Elsa Bénott France

A Story Without End II bracelet

Piece created for Challenge 2022 Jewelry and Literature

Materials brass

Size 64x70x70mm 


For this theme Jewelry and Literature Elsa Bénott was particularly interested by narration, the construction of a story.

When we read a book, images that come to mind are the result of the encounter between the writer’s words and our imagination. So each story read has its reader’s color.

Then she wondered is there a link possible between a jewel and the narrative? How can a jewel contribute to a story?

This led her to work on the bracelet, a circular object, without beginning neither end.

So while turning the bracelet around the wrist, the wearer can interpret and reinterpret a story without end.