Afloat II
Afloat II

Challenge 2023 | Elvira Cibotti

Afloat II

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Elvira Cibotti Argentina

Afloat II brooch

Piece created for Challenge 2023 Jewelry and Travel (maximum price 150€)

Materials recycled paper, silver, steel

Size 65x45x15mm


Traveling inwards, to the deepest part of our being. Daring to immerse ourselves in turbulent waters, in our emotions, in all of them, the happiest and also the most painful ones. Diving among our strengths and our insecurities. Connecting with our vulnerability to resurface and breathe new airs. Navigating strengthened, whether on the crest of the wave or maintaining balance in the break. Always coming out afloat, even though sometimes we get tossed around and swallow some saltwater. Never stop sailing.