Challenge 2022 | Megan Mary MacKenzie


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Megan Mary MacKenzie Australia

at earrings

Piece created for Challenge 2022 Jewelry and Literature

Materials recycled silver, broken Apple keyboard (aluminium, plastic)

Size 50x50x15mm 


at (earrings) breaks down the letter symbols (Latin alphabet) of one of the most commonly used words in the English language into base line forms (arcs, straight lines). This break down renders these symbols as simultaneously familiar/unfamiliar, recognisable/unregcognisable - altering meaning. The earrings will not necessarily sit on the ear so that the letter symbol is in an upright position. The rotated presentation of the letter symbol on the ear adds to the unrecognisability of the form.

(This item has a delicate structure, please do not apply excessive force, especially when putting on and taking off.)