Cabo de Gata brooch

Challenge 2021 | Begoña Morales Lao

Cabo de Gata brooch

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Begoña Morales Lao Spain

Cabo de Gata brooch

Piece created for Challenge 2021 Jewelry and Nature

Materials plaster, oxidized brass

Size 20x85x10mm


Nature is alive,

it moves and expresses itself in a continuous

and unceasing transformation.

An unstoppable circle of life and death.

Often, this ancestral ritual

is altered and interrupted by mankind,

even causing its irreparable loss.

These fragile and ephemeral pieces,

will be transformed over time,

as Nature does.

Impregnated with the memory

of a place and a moment,

captured through the plants.

Those living beings that inhabit every corner

of our beloved world.