Coral, a Plastic But Golden Pretense ring
Coral, a Plastic But Golden Pretense ring
Coral, a Plastic But Golden Pretense ring

Challenge 2021 | Miruna Belicovici

Coral, a Plastic But Golden Pretense ring

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Miruna Belicovici Romania

Coral, a Plastic But Golden Pretense ring

Piece created for Challenge 2021 Jewelry and Nature 

Materials recycled plastic straws, plasticizer, pigments, lacquer, copper, bronze powder

Size 70x40x40mm | US6.5


The sea of make-belief - a plastic (contemporary) approach. A capsule collection for Tincal lab.

We pretend. We pretend that all that surrounds us is unchangeable and that nothing wrong can ever happen. We pretend that somebody else must make a difference, that it’s not our business to change anything about our habits, choices, comfort zones.

Full of pretenses, full of hollow believes and fake ideals, we just do not see what truly matters. Like those quiet, beautiful landscapes that you should simply enjoy, not only make great photos of… for you to later post on social media just for nurturing your narcissism.

For once, pretend to be altruistic. To selflessly love what you photograph. Listen to the sea. Walk the shores. Make less garbage. Stop pretending it is not your business to just care about what surrounds you.