Embrace Nature's Law ring
Embrace Nature's Law ring

Challenge 2021 | Sabrina Formica

Embrace Nature's Law ring

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Sabrina Formica Italy

Embrace Nature's Law ring

Piece created for Challenge 2021 Jewelry and Nature 

Materials brass, wood, water based coating

Size 40x40x25mm | adjustable


Is it possible for modern society to reconnect with nature? 

Since society has become increasingly industrialized, nature seems to exist only to please human needs, as if we are somehow separate from it. As a result we are experiencing a sort of disconnection which is causing damages to the environment and ourselves (climate change, pollution, mental/relational disorders, stress).

This project is expected to awaken people/society to reconnect with nature. The choice of combining industrial metal waste (brass) with organic elements (wood) is meant to represent a 'new' conscious society in harmony with the natural world.