Grumpy Flowers earrings
Grumpy Flowers earrings

Aurea Praga

Grumpy Flowers earrings

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Áurea Praga Portugal

Grumpy Flowers earrings

Materials copper, paint, silver wire (hook)

Size approx. 45x40x20mm (blue flower) + 35x35x10mm (pink flower) + hook with 5cm


Each piece is handmade and unique.

Flowers and grumpy faces in the center in light blue and light pink.


During lockdown, I couldn't get outside my house so I played a lot of digital games.

One artificially sunny day I summoned some kind of flower characters out of my mixed gamer's mind and started manifesting them into the physical world.

They're sort of flashy, with those bright colours, but they came out with grumpy faces. Maybe they're disappointed with our reality, or they just need coffee, idk.