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Valeria Rossini Jewelry Italy

Hella brooch

Piece created for Challenge 2022 Jewelry and Literature

Materials shell, natural sea wood, rope, silk, gold plated bronze, steel

Size 105x75x30mm


It is forbidden to speak with strangers - the book that inspired the artist is “The Master and Margaret” written by Bulgakov. The thing that always struck her imagination, is the meticulous description of the demons in the wake of Voland, Satan disguised as an illusionist who wreaks havoc in the atheist Soviet Russia: the stunning witch Hella with her neck cut clean, the giant black cat Behemoth, the killer Azazello with his chicken bone sticking out of the pocket of his double-breasted jacket. All of them have become the protagonists of the pieces, in which she have also reported, in Russian, the title of the first chapter, “It is Forbidden to Speak to Strangers”.