Il Barone Rampante
Il Barone Rampante
Il Barone Rampante

Challenge 2022 | Sandra Kleimberg

Il Barone Rampante

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Sandra Kleimberg Switzerland / Belgium

Il Barone Rampante (The Baron in the Trees) necklace

Piece created for Challenge 2022 Jewelry and Literature

Materials cellulose acetate, sterling silver, resin, plastic tube

Size 80x50x8mm (pendant)


On the fringe of Humanity

Sandra is passionate about any material that will give colors and life to her jewelry. She has used paper, glass beads, cellulose acetate and plexiglass, along with metals such as silver and brass. This time, she explores resin, to echo Italo Calvino's surreal, yet so human, characters and to reveal, through transparencies, opacities and apparent fragility, their deepest feelings. Symbols of the human condition submerged by suffering and solitude, they wander, isolated in their “capsule", on the fringes of their peers, disarticulated and fragmented, until their ultimate destiny.