(in)SIDE EFFECT Ex-voto Suscepto - Alas brooch
(in)SIDE EFFECT Ex-voto Suscepto - Alas brooch

Rita Martinez

(in)SIDE EFFECT Ex-voto Suscepto - Alas brooch

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Rita Martinez Costa Rica / Italy

Ex-voto Suscepto - Alas brooch

Piece created for (in)SIDE EFFECT, exhibition presented in the Jewellery Room in the 1st Lisbon Contemporary Jewellery Biennial (2021)

Materials gold plated bronze, hyaline quartz geodes, stainless steel

Size 52x40x28mm


In the last two years, global health has affected everyone's life, not only in terms of work, but also in social, family, physical and psychological terms, leaving terrifying consequences at times.

Broken hearts, lack of air, tears, forced segregation have made us feel helpless facing something stronger, but it has led us to prayer, to hope, to entrust ourselves to another equal or even greater to intercede or help us along the way.

The ex voto, present in the traditions of many peoples for centuries, like the Egyptians and the Mesopotamians, fulfil precisely this function. But beyond being exhausted in the process (tragic event - votive offer - request for intervention - fulfilment), they continue in the exposition of the voto to close a path and symbolize a restart towards new wings, new flights, love, hugs and hope.

This is the deep symbolic meaning of such a belief, a means for the mind, like a mantra, that Rita Martinez wanted to give to the ex-voto for her son, a sailor crossing the ocean, looking for a new life.