(in)SIDE EFFECT necklace + earrings
(in)SIDE EFFECT necklace + earrings
(in)SIDE EFFECT necklace + earrings
(in)SIDE EFFECT necklace + earrings
(in)SIDE EFFECT necklace + earrings

Karen Gillis

(in)SIDE EFFECT necklace + earrings

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Karen Gillis The Netherlands

(in)SIDE EFFECT necklace + earrings (red)

Piece created for (in)SIDE EFFECT, exhibition presented in the Jewellery Room in the 1st Lisbon Contemporary Jewellery Biennial (2021)

Materials paper, wax cord, deco stylus, bookbinding glue, wooden beads

Size 130cm (length of the open necklace - can be worn in different ways) + earrings: 13cm long


Showing vulnerability makes one stronger, resilient, lighter.

Contrary to what is often practised, showing vulnerability can be the best tool for protection and to deal with one's fears, uncertainties and inevitabilities. This brings about connection with others who in turn often show their vulnerability too.

So opening herself up instead of closing down helped Karen during the pandemic.


The necklace, appearing to be vulnerable, is more resilient, stronger than it looks and feels. The folding and wrinkling of the vulnerable paper makes it actually stronger.

Even so strong that you can simply firmly press on it, put a jacket over it, it doesn't break it but 'moves along'.

The opened flower as a symbolic form for opening up (showing vulnerability instead of closing down).

The opened paper flowers are connected by the wax cord and give the jewelry its moving and blooming tendril shape with a rustling sound and are very light in weight (connection makes stronger and lighter). 

A blooming tendril made out of fragile flowers which can take a beating!