(in)SIDE EFFECT Where Is My Mind necklace
(in)SIDE EFFECT Where Is My Mind necklace
(in)SIDE EFFECT Where Is My Mind necklace

Olga Marques

(in)SIDE EFFECT Where Is My Mind necklace

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Olga Marques Portugal

Where Is My Mind necklace 

Piece created for (in)SIDE EFFECT, exhibition presented in the Jewellery Room in the 1st Lisbon Contemporary Jewellery Biennial (2021)

Materials glass, plastic, print, cotton string

Size 71x100x7mm | string: 94cm


Everyday is Monday. No thought is clear, even your deepest ones. Your personality is a reflection staring back from the TV. All colours are grey and so is the music. You know you are there living but not alive. You keep searching the deepest corners of your brain only to hit a wall. Where is your mind? It’s there, you know it is, closed between four walls on a never ending loop of time. Stretching, thinner and longer. Days feel like a week and a week feels like a month looking forward, looking back it was a second ago.