Labareda do Vivente
Labareda do Vivente

Challenge 2022 | Carol Roz

Labareda do Vivente

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Carol Roz Brazil

"Labareda do Vivente” (Flame of the Living) ring / candleholder

Piece created for Challenge 2022 Jewelry and Literature

Materials silver

Size 95x40x40mm


"Fogo Encasulado” (Cocooned Fire) is composed of five pieces of a ritualistic nature, designed in the form of cocoons that embrace the fire. The cocoon and the fire share the power of transmutation. Transformation here should be read as an intentional, ritualized act. Built from Carol’s family old silverware, seeking its destruction so that a reconstruction of the past can be made, aiming at a metamorphosed future. The pieces are made to be used both on the body, while in a prayer posture, or placed on an altar, representing a channel of communication with the Sacred, the spiritual world.