Lens-scape of Hong Kong ring

Challenge 2021 | Ho Oi Ying Valerie

Lens-scape of Hong Kong ring

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Ho Oi Ying Valerie Hong Kong

Lens-scape of Hong Kong ring

Piece created for Challenge 2021 Jewelry and Nature

Materials brass, convex lens, stones in Hong Kong

Size 40x75x45mm | US6.5

[the ring is composed of 2 elements, so it can be worn with or without the magnifying glass] 


Living in the dynamic city, where human influence on the landscape is highly visible. We always think about altering the natural landscape to match ourselves. Stones in Hong Kong become the only focus point through the lens, insignificant gravels magnified into scenes of landscapes. The great variety of other scenes are all transfigured to the illusion, and the wearer’s sight relaunched to the dramatic work of nature through the piece. These bring nature closer to human, and let us to attentively observe the spectacle, which already walked through a long passing of time.