Messages in a Brooch
Messages in a Brooch
Messages in a Brooch

Challenge 2022 | Pilar Viedma

Messages in a Brooch

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Pilar Viedma Gil de Vergara Spain

Messages in a Brooch brooch

Piece created for Challenge 2022 Jewelry and Literature

Materials copper mesh, acrylic paint, oxidized silver, steel

Size 65x90x10mm 


A blank page is an eternal canvas where you can unleash creativity, where you can paint every letter and verse you can imagine and tell everyone that the muse has come.

It’s time to create a jewel in black and white and in colored inks. Take the pen and write on those blank pages and you will see how easy it is to fill the brooch with verses as they were messages travelling pinned on the lapel, like they were in a bottle thrown into the sea so that whoever picks it up can read them.