Morphosis IV brooch

Challenge 2021 | Merıstėma Lab

Morphosis IV brooch

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Merıstėma Lab | Annarita Bianco Italy

Morphosis III brooch

Piece created for Challenge 2021 Jewelry and Nature 

Materials stainless steel, silver, 3d printed abs, electroformed copper, black patina

Size 55x15x12mm


Morphosis is a study on the processes of aggregation and generation of matter, the project hybridises natural and artificial growth, dendritic clustering and fractal algorithms, industrial techniques and manual processes. The shape of laser-cut stainless steel objects recall fragments of crystalline structures, portions of a rational and systematic schematisation of the natural world. The contrast between the geometric rigour of the abstract form and the chaotic growth is emphasised by the structure beneath the surface: the stainless steel sheet envelops a cryptic nature, hidden at first glance, and only its reflection allows us to observe its appearance.

Electro-deposited matter is moulded by the intensity of the electric field, by voltage variations, by time, in a process of recursive growth that generates uneven and different structures.