No.1115.22 neckpiece/ring
No.1115.22 neckpiece/ring
No.1115.22 neckpiece/ring

Juergen Veit

No.1115.22 neckpiece/ring

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Juergen Veit Germany

No.1115.22 neckpiece

Materials handcrafted from wood, burned feathers, linen, leather, metal, polyester, paint

Size neckpiece: 110x570mm | ring: diameter 20mm, height 140mm


Starting point for these unique pieces is the quality of some of his preferred materials: wood, seed capsules, leather, paper, metal and horn.
Through a series of processes they're transformed, change their appearance, a blossoming and wilting into their final beauty. He combines the refunded skills of monastery craft with his sensibility for haute couture to create stunning contemporary jewelry.