Challenge 2022 | Brigitte Raoult


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Brigitte Raoult Belgium

Openness ring

Piece created for Challenge 2022 Jewelry and Literature

Materials brass, ethylen vinyl acetate

Size 80x90x70mm | 14PT or 6.75US


The pieces are made between the pages of a book. The material rests there for a few minutes and becomes impregnated with the words. Brigitte chose to work with a dictionary because it is for her the symbol of communication, openness to others and understanding of their culture. French-Dutch, the two main languages spoken in Belgium. The two languages in which Brigitte’s family used to express themselves, to be moved, to argue, to cherish each other.

With digitalization, the usefulness of the dictionary disappears. Using it to create a piece of jewelry is a way of honouring it and keeping it alive.

(Do not heat above 30° Celsius - water, sun, etc)