Penca Moderna
Penca Moderna
Penca Moderna

Challenge 2023 | Lena Echelle

Penca Moderna

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Lena Echelle USA / Argentina

Penca Moderna bracelet 

Piece created for Challenge 2023 Jewelry and Travel (maximum price 150€)

Materials copper, goatskin, raw silk, paint

Size 100x110x30mm


Botanic prospecting on foot can be a source of tremendous artistic inspiration. The textures, lines, pungent aromas and vibrant colors of plants speak a language only partially understood by scientific description. Traversing the same paths over the years, and at different times of the year, leads to a sensation of spiritual connection. The pieces presented result from the meandering of the imagination while participating in a study of plant community structure from 1500m to over 4000m in the Sierra de Velasco, Argentina. Rawhide and copper are traditional materials from Argentina, however the colors used reflect early training as a painter.