Relicário de Viagem II
Relicário de Viagem II

Challenge 2023 | Maria Benedita

Relicário de Viagem II

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Maria Benedita Portugal

Relicário de Viagem II necklace

Piece created for Challenge 2023 Jewelry and Travel (maximum price 150€)

Materials antique tin, pearls, velvet, plastic

Size 190x150x15mm


Maria Benedita keeps a travel diary together with her boyfriend, where they describe their journeys, mark the places they pass through, draw pictures and attach memories.

Inspired by this experience, she decided to create travel reliquaries.

Traveling back in time in antique stores and fairs, she found the boxes that were the starting point for her pieces. She included some compartments inside the reliquaries so that the new owner could fill them with memories of their next trip.

To serve as an example, she placed inside the compartments souvenirs from her own city: Lisbon.