Sew On Brooch - Jewel
Sew On Brooch - Jewel
Sew On Brooch - Jewel

Challenge 2023 | Anna Vlahos

Sew On Brooch - Jewel

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Anna Vlahos Australia / Greece

Sew On Brooch - Jewel

Piece created for Challenge 2023 Jewelry and Travel (maximum price 150€)

Materials sew on patches (acrylic), cotton

Size 90x90x2mm


Anna Vlahos made a Sew on Jewel. Using one of the most common souvenirs as the raw material. It’s one of her favourite souvenirs to buy. They are wonderful! They are terrible! They are rarely made in the country they depict. The wonderful colours synthetic.

In this collection, the individual parts are made in China. Depicting her favourite jewels from Greece. Put together by Australian fingers. For an exhibition in Portugal. What a terrible souvenir. But she wasn’t trying to make a souvenir. Travel is both wonderful and terrible. She just hopes what she made is a piece of jewellery. 


Sew on yourself, using cotton thread. Once sew, the black threads can be cut off. Machine washable. Guppybag recommended.