Still Waters necklace

Challenge 2021 | Virginie Turcot-Lamarre

Still Waters necklace

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Virginie Turcot-Lamarre Canada

Still Waters necklace

Piece created for Challenge 2021 Jewelry and Nature 

Materials beechwood, ebony wood, Italian leather cord

Size 95x95x8mm


An excerpt of scenery you catch from afar. A selected sight of horizon you watch from the spyglass. These pieces aim to offer various perspectives ranging from a macroscopic view of the woodland to a microscopic vision of the woodmatter. An extract of nature to carry out with you. Using the expression of the cherry, walnut and birch, Vivi Lamarre creates minimalistic and evocative compositions that highlight the latent force of nature. Inspired by the richness of the forest and the inner chaos of the wood grain, this series was crafted using materials recovered at the artist's cabin in Entrelacs, Quebec, Canada.