Topografia Interior: Vereda
Topografia Interior: Vereda
Topografia Interior: Vereda

Challenge 2022 | Mayumi Okuyama

Topografia Interior: Vereda

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Mayumi Okuyama Brazil

Topografia Interior: Vereda brooch

Piece created for Challenge 2022 Jewelry and Literature

Materials copper, enamel

Size 40x60x70mm 


“(…) the terrain was steep, as if we were leaving the valley and reaching a sort of plateau, (…), which extended as far as the night allowed us to see.


They were hundreds of illuminated dots, which came across the treetops and took up the entire front of the house, floating in the nostalgic landscape that made us equals. (…) The insects came like a magic cloud, an unstable body that tears itself apart and reassembles endlessly, blown by the darkness, in search of the Land with no Evil.”

Rodrigo Lacerda, “Reserva Natural” (“Natural Reserve”)

Nature hides and exposes the clash and coexistence of forces that always find their balance in defiance. As we enter this terrain, our own interior is revealed, transcending our borders and reservations, in communion with this Nature as neglected as the foundation of each one of us.