Travel Altar III

Challenge 2023 | Mariana Cazzulino

Travel Altar III

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Mariana Cazzulino Argentina

Travel Altar III pins (set of 5)

Piece created for Challenge 2023 Jewelry and Travel (maximum price 150€)

Materials bronze, stainless steel

Size variable dimensions between 10 to 45mm


After a trip, Mariana began to build an altar "to ask for" traveling again. Since that day, every time she travels, she buys or finds objects intended for this sacred space. Domestic altars have many elements that are unique, but others that can be found both in religious institutions, public places and other homes. In asking herself which objects are the ones that defines "an altar" among people who arise them, she did a research, found the five ones that repeat mostly, made its archetypes, and turned them into jewels, to take her domestic altar with herself in travel. These pieces are an invitation to the public "to create their own travel altar" by adding some new charms to this sets.