Words Hurt

Challenge 2022 | Yiota Vogli

Words Hurt

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Yiota Vogli Greece

Words Hurt earrings

Piece created for Challenge 2022 Jewelry and Literature

Materials brass, silver, pen nibs, oxidation, paint

Size 140x30x30mm + 127x25x22mm


By making art jewelry, artists create visual poetry. Literature and Jewelry are both describing ideas, imagery, sounds or smells. They are, both, telling a story, expressing emotions, advocating ideas, examine or question values of ourselves and our culture. 

These works are inspired by Yiannis Ritsos’ poem “Moonlight Sonata” which revolves around the subject of loneliness and the alienation of the individual. Refers to the concept of time, and the emphasis placed on moonlight is of particular importance, since unlike the life-giving light of the sun that calls to action, moonlight requires reckoning and reminiscing, requires confronting and evaluating  the past.