Spoons and Nature mini brooch

Carmen López

Spoons and Nature mini brooch

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Carmen López Spain

Spoons and Nature mini brooch

Materials enamel, steel

Size 68x33x5mm



"My dream is to express myself using an element that is often invisible: The spoon.
A hope or illusion that is the product of the imagination and that is longed for or pursued despite being highly unlikely to come true.
For me that dream has come true.
When I started working with the spoon as a representative element of my pieces, I felt that I would have to explain many times (in fact, they ask me a lot) the reason for this object.
There are days when I can tell a lot about them, but there are other days when I resort to a fragment of the poem "The Spoon", by Richard Jones:

"Some days I think in life
I don't need more than a spoon"