1:100 sleep necklace
1:100 sleep necklace
1:100 sleep necklace
1:100 sleep necklace

Ana Pina

1:100 sleep necklace

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Ana Pina Portugal

1:100 sleep necklace 

Materials sterling silver (11,5g), acrylic

Size 40x120x5mm | chain: 90cm


Each necklace of this limited series represents an action/room within a floor plan of a house designed by Álvaro Siza in Porto, in the complex of Bairro da Bouça, where Ana Pina lives. The chain metaphorically represents the possible walking connections between them.

1:100 is the architectural scale of this representation.


Looking outside from the inside.

Always thinking inside the box.

Days are different, but the same.

Hope vanishes while we wait.

Eat. Work. Relax. Sleep. Repeat.

Abstract actions. Abstract walls.

Home becomes our refuge, our comfort, our world.

Our prison?


In the context of the pandemic that we are living since 2020, Tincal lab asked the artists to reflect on the (in)SIDE EFFECT - of the disease - and of the cure. Of the fear, the change, the involuntary pause, the inevitable reflection. The side effects are physical and mental - they affect patients, loved ones and the population in general, who has been robbed, at best, at least the possibility of making plans for an immediate future. Some side effects are predicted, others will be unpredictable and depend on the reaction of each one to what he can and what he cannot control. Will we be able to evaluate them already?