Disco Collection earrings 07
Disco Collection earrings 07
Disco Collection earrings 07

Ana Pina

Disco Collection earrings 07

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Ana Pina Portugal

DS02.007 earrings

Collection Disco

Materials sterling silver (6,4g) | polished finish

Size 29x10x23mm


Geometric games with circular abstract shapes.
Simple minimal pieces with movement playing with concepts of full and empty, lines and plans, small and big scales, front and side views.

Articulated pair of earrings, featuring a small and a big circumference in sterling silver.


Before ordering, please note:

Due to the characteristics of manual production, the piece you'll get may have small differences compared to the pictured.

This piece may not be in stock and it can take up to 1 or 2 weeks for the execution - get in touch if it's urgent.