Für Attai

Challenge 2023 | Lauryna Kiškytė

Für Attai

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Lauryna Kiškytė Lithuania

Für Attai ring and brooch

Pieces created for Challenge 2023 Jewelry and Travel (maximum price 150€)

Materials silver, copper, paper, graphite

Size ring: 39x45x27mm | 23PT / 10.25US | brooch: 80x58x13mm


The pieces are a reflection of life's journeys. It is also a tribute to beloved jewelry artist and tutor who recently passed, leaving a profound sense of sorrow. Paths converged during a meaningful internship at the artist's Munich studio, where assistance was provided in crafting a stunning wall piece for a cruise. The artist's enduring kindness and generosity, master skills in paper art left a lasting impression. Jewels encapsulates the core of shared journey, paying homage to the memory of this remarkable person.