Lengua VII brooch
Lengua VII brooch
Lengua VII brooch
Lengua VII brooch

Lara Solia Barenboim

Lengua VII brooch

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Lara Solia Barenboim Argentina

Lengua VII brooch

Materials glass beads, polyester thread, brass

Size 120x90x20mm

Please keep in mind that this is an artistic object with a different kind of brooch clasp system. You can wear it as a tie, on the pocket of a jacket or on a large buttonhole, for example. (see last photo).

"Spanish is my mother language. In Spanish we say tongue and language using the same word. On one hand, LENGUA (tongue) refers to the muscular organ found inside the mouth that allows us to taste, swallow food and produce sound. On the other hand, LENGUA (language) is the ability of human beings to express themselves and communicate with others through articulated sound or other symbolic systems.

I made this series of brooches, creating volume and spaces. These works speak about time, coming and going in my own obsessively embroidered language, with pauses and gaps in my speech, with movements that repeat themselves and accumulate. They anticipate each other, and then stop without any causality.

In the form of a tongue I place my work with a clasp system that keeps the piece close to the chest where the voice vibrates.

I wish, with these wearable objects, i can create my own metonymic symbol where I can wrap my feelings, and then detach them from myself so they can follow their own path."