Travel I

Challenge 2023 | Nanna Grønborg

Travel I

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Nanna Grønborg Denmark / Germany

Travel I necklace

Piece created for Challenge 2023 Jewelry and Travel (maximum price 150€)

Materials porcelain, glaze, shoestring

Size 35x15x20mm


Nanna Grønborg’s work comes out of a dialogue between objects, objective and subjective impressions, narratives and the interventions that change these. 

She constructs and deconstructs objects in the area of conflict between the objective world that influences us and the interpretation and representation that we form quickly and unconsciously. Through her interference a new narrative arises.

The Jewellery for the exhibition Travel comments on this space between the observation and Depiction. The forms she uses serve as placeholder for ideas - in this case the theme of travel - her work travels more than she does - and so does a lot of items we consider necessary for our lives.