Tincal lab Spotlight | Aurea Praga


#tincallabspotlight is a quick question & answer game that brings you a personal insight to the world of a different jewelry artist in every edition.

Today we present you Portuguese Áurea Praga: illustrator and jewelry maker who loves to combine these two worlds in her story-teller jewels.

1. a tool or material of choice: a shovel
2. a source of inspiration: idk, that we're all gonna die?
3. your favorite color: pink and gold (is gold even a color?) oh and blue cause you know, it's the color of distance
4. a personality that influences you: Fox Mulder
5. a book you think everyone should read: Memorial do Convento by José Saramago
6. an unforgettable movie: Fight Club
7. an album that would make the perfect playlist: Felt Mountain by Goldfrapp
8. a city to fall in love with: New York city or else anywhere with a beach and an endless summer
9. the yummiest food and drink: pizza and wine and chocolate
10. a guilty pleasure: wasting time

In the photos: a portrait, a scene of the workspace and an inspiring photo taken by herself in New York.