Tincal lab Challenge

Tincal lab Challenge is an annual initiative that starts with an Open Call to jewelers from all over the world and results in a collective exhibition that aims to inspire artists and increase public awareness to contemporary jewelry.

With the main objective to show the quality and diversity of contemporary jewelry, opening its doors to the general public, Tincal lab invites every year jewelers from around the world for a Challenge: the creation of up to 3 pieces with a maximum price each, inspired by a theme.

From this Open Call launched in June results an international event of exhibition and sale of unique characteristics. The opening is at Tincal lab in November, on the date of Simultaneous Openings event in Miguel Bombarda quarter, in Porto, accompanied by the release of a catalog.

In each edition, since 2018, has been awarded the Selection of the Jury Award and two Selection of the Public Awards (voting in person and online), consisting of an exhibition at Tincal lab over the following year.

In the latest edition, in 2023, we gathered nearly 200 exclusive jewelry pieces created by the 78 jewelers from 31 different countries selected by the jury from almost 350 applications.


Why a maximum price?

Presenting a price cap we intend to demystify the concept of art jewelry near the general public, to remove it from the context of the inaccessible art gallery and start a discussion towards understanding its value.

We wanted the price cap to be a differentiating element, but also a statement. Something that would catch the attention of the visitor.

We also aspired to allow everybody to buy a unique piece of jewelry for a relatively accessible price. This way people could get out of their comfort zones without feeling restricted by their budgets.

For the artists, this could also be an opportunity to think outside the box - to create something different, with different means or - why not - to exceptionally allow someone to have one of their pieces for an incredibly low price.

Working on a budget, without compromising quality, identity and creativity - that is the Challenge too.