The mended broken shapes and the imperfection in finishes emphasizes the spirit of this UN-broken Collection, that aims to celebrate change - and sometimes rupture - as a necessary process.

The gesture happens, you can almost hear the breaking of matter. Denying the predictability of the repair, the cut is assumed as the motto for a necessary transformation - it is the urgency of change that leads to evolution.

Break, turn, rejoin. Celebrate the rupture, breaking the routine of the geometric shape. A disturbing movement of separation introduces another dimension - spatial and temporal. Standing still is not an option and movement means future.

The re-union is only illusory and contradicts the natural order of geometry. Is the new form a consciously improved version of the original or a casual and open disobedience to the rule?

We are ever-changing beings, only apparently in control. The importance of the process overlaps the success of the result - or its failure.