Challenge 2015 Jewelry and Architecture

Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness.
Frank Gehry


Gone are the days when Vitruvius established firmitas, utilitas et venustas as the three fundamental principles of a structure. Although usually associated with architecture, these are essential features of virtually all human creations.

Also present in the effectiveness with which nature itself responds to its basic needs, the unique combination of structure, ergonomics and beauty challenges the author today to respond in the most effective and original way to a problem that is repeated since the beginning of time.

The relation that can be established between jewelry and architecture is far from formal or just a matter of scale. Sources of inspiration related to history, engineering or conceptual approach easily intersect these two artistic fields... If jewelry, for its ability to be worn, its symbolic and social roles, is at the boundary between the useful purpose and the uselessness of art that exists only to be admired; architecture, in turn, also often exceeds the condition of a machine for living in to be monument or symbolic portrait of an era.

Geometric or organic, modern or revivalist, minimal or full of excesses, jewelry or architecture - we challenge authors to let yourself be inspired by the intersection between these two worlds.

[in the photo: Tenerife Auditorium, Santiago Calatrava]


31 jewelers from about 10 countries were selected.

On exhibition at Tincal lab from 14th of November to 31st of December of 2015.


Selected participantsPhotos of the pieces | Opening Catalog



AgJc (FR) | Agnieszka Sendecka (PL) | Ana Pina (PT) | Anna Vlahos (AU) | Áurea Praga (PT) | Boky Lee (KP) | Calepinage (FR) | Camilla Mileto (IT) | Dovilė Bernadišiūtė (LT) | Esther Kwok (HK) | Fernanda Barba (MX) | Joana Mota Capitão (PT) | Katerin Taipe (EC) | Lia Gonçalves (PT) | Lieta Marziali (IT) | Marta Herradura (ES) MATER jewellery tales (PT) | m.mans (ES) | Nathalia Canamary (BZ) | Opaca (PT) | Rita Carrega (PT) | Rosa Tejada (ES) | Sara Maria (PT) | Silver Lining (PT) | Solid Design (PT) | Susana Teixeira (PT) | Tânia Gil (PT) | WEK (PT) | Teresa Dantas (PT) | THJané (PT) | Vasia Pachi (GR)