Challenge 2016 Jewelry and Cinema

All art is autobiographical; the pearl is the oyster's autobiography.
Federico Fellini


Cinema is one of the arts that probably combines more different kind of artistic expressions: fashion, photography, music, literature...

Either in historical or futuristic movies, born from invented universes or based on true events, jewelry can shine in cinema in various ways, being a single prop or the motto of the whole story.

Like fashion it can be one of the most striking ways to characterize a character, convey the spirit of a time or place, dictate trends – just think of characters like Cleopatra, Anna Karenina, Diana and Grace of Monaco, or even movies with intense environments like “Moulin Rouge” or “The Great Gatsby”. 

Impossible to dissociate the film “Breakfast at Tiffany's” from the necklace of pearls worn by Audrey Hepburn or diamonds, considered by Marilyn Monroe as a girl´s best friend, of “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes”. Other times it's a piece of jewelry that dictates the course of the plot, as the ring in the trilogy of “Lord of the Rings”, the earring of the painting that inspires “Girl with a Pearl Earring” or the diamond Heart of the Ocean in “Titanic”.

Synonym of wealth and status, jewelry may give rise to envy, theft and betrayal.

While symbolic object is able to transmit memories, make commitments, reveal passions.

But we don’t want the source of inspiration to be merely formal, all the imagery of a film may itself inspire a jewel: the desert sands of “The English Patient” will surely inspire different jewelry from the surreal fantasy of “Alice in Wonderland” or the black universe of “Batman”.

We invite authors to feel inspired by their favorite movie and create jewelry able to carry us to the magical world of cinema!


42 jewelers from about 15 countries were selected.

On exhibition at Tincal lab from 12th of November to 31st of December of 2016.


Selected participantsPhotos of the pieces | Opening | Catalog



Adriana Díaz Higuera (CO) | Ana Azevedo (PT) | Ana Bragança (PT) | Ana Dias (PT) | Ana Pina (PT) | Ana Ramalho (BZ) | Aurea Praga (PT) | Camilla Mileto (IT) | Cristina Barros (PT) | Elena Larrén (ES) | Elizabeth Shaw (AU) | Emese Kovácsová (SK) | Fernanda Barba (MX) | Garradas Jewellery (PT) | Giftforever (GR) | Gray Flamingo (PL) | Inês Costa (PT) | Joana Santos (PT) | KIWI on the road (TW) | Larum (PT) | Laura Mallozi (BZ) | LEÃO Contemporary Jewellery (PT) | Letitia Pintilie (RO) | Lia Gonçalves (PT) | Lieta Marziali (IT) | Lija Álvarez (ES) | Little Nothing (PT) | Marta Costa Reis (PT) | Marta Pinto Ribeiro (PT) | Melis Agabigum (US) | Olga Marques (PT) | Orsolya Nemeth (HU) | Polina Dimitrova (BG) | Raelene Olson (US) | Rosa Tejada (ES) | Silver Lining (PT) | Susana Teixeira  (PT) | Tânia Gil (PT) | TelmaDA (PT) | TINGs Jewellery (TW) | Valérie Lachuer (FR) | WEK (PT)