Challenge 2017 Jewelry and Music

Tincal lab Challenge 2017 Jewelry and Music
For our last number, I’d like to ask your help. Would the people in the cheaper seats clap your hands? And the rest of you, if you’ll just rattle your jewelry.
John Lennon, Prince of Wales Theatre, London,1963


A provocation to launch the provocation: can the worlds of music and jewelry meet?

Don’t know about you, but in Tincal we are constantly listening to music. Although this is not a source of direct or conscious inspiration, the constant presence of this sonorous scenery influences almost everything that we do or feel. We can be sad or happy depending on the music we’re listening, we may listen to a sad or happy song depending on the way we’re feeling.

Music brings with it melodies and sounds, stories, poems and messages.

It can identify with a style, a personality, an icon, an era, a memory.

It can be heard, played, sung... and even being born in the universe of sounds, it can be an extremely visual stimulus and appeal to all senses - yes, a bit like jewelry.

We invite the authors of this year to be inspired by a song or a lyric, a singer, a band or a musician, a note, an instrument, a stage or a symbol of a musical style... any of the immense dimensions of this world, so, who knows, maybe together we can compose a collective exhibition as harmonious as a symphony.


39 jewelers from about 20 countries were selected.

On exhibition at Tincal lab from 11th of November to 31st of December of 2017.


Selected participantsPhotos of the pieces | Opening | Catalog



Ana Dias (PT) | Ana Pina (PT) | Angela Malhües (CL) | BYCB.Jewelry (PT) | Camilla Luihn (NO) | chokolom (ES) | Cristina Celis (MX) | Diana Dóris (PT) | Dina Abargil (IL) | Elizabeth Shaw (AU) | Fernanda Barba (MX) | Francine Schloeth (CH) | Garradas Jewellery (PT) | Giulia Savino (IT) | Jessica Andersen (US) | Julie Bégin Jewellery (CA) | Kairi Sirendi (EE) | KIWI on the road (TW) | Letizia Maggio (IT) | Lieta Marziali (IT) | Lija Álvarez (ES) | Mai Solorzano (MX) | Mária Kobelová (SK) | Maria Koutmani (GR) | Marta Costa Reis (PT) | Melis Agabigum (US) | Mercedes Castro Corbat (AR) | Nik Hanton (NZ) | NOT by Vera Pinto (PT) | Olga Marques (PT) | Rodete Studio (MX) | Sara Shahak (IL) | Sofie Boons (BE) | Sophie Symes (UK) | Superlora Studio by Ariadne Kapelioti (GR) | Telma Aguiar Jewelry (BZ) | Teresa Dantas (PT) | Virginia Jakim (AR) | WEK (PT)